Convalescent Plasma Blood

Its months now since the whole world is fighting against COVID-19 but still miles away from finding the silver bullet. But did we found an alternate? Doctors around the world claims that they can use the oldest arrow from their quiver and gave it a shot ie. convalescent plasma therapy.

What is convalescent plasma?

It is also called as a passive antibody therapy as in this, antibodies that is generated in an already cured patient are transferred into a patient suffering from the same disease. It has already been used in Ebola and other infectious diseases.

What are we trying to do here?

We are trying to inject those patients with the antibodies of the virus who are unable to generate or finding it difficult to generate these antibodies on their own. This process has a history of success in past but with some limitation as how the receiver’s body will respond to it.

What is the history of this treatment?

The physiologists Von Behring and Kitasato, in 1890 are said to be the 1st who made this approach by using blood serum from immunized animals to treat diphtheria. As soon as they succeeded in their experiment they started using the whole blood serum from immunized human as it was a possible source of specific antibodies of human origin. From 20s to 40s of the 20th century, this treatment was used against various bacterial infectious disease. It was used to treat pertussis till 70s of the century.

          In 1918, a pandemic known as Spanish influenza shattered the human life. It lasted for two years. During this period, left with no other option, doctors started working for a solution with the help of CBP. They succeeded and identified CP as a silver bullet for multiple viral infections.

Can it treat covid-19 patients?

Researchers and doctors are onto it and they are treating the highly unstable covid-19 patients with the donated blood from the people who have recovered from the disease as they have generated antibodies against the virus. Though there is a condition applied as the blood group of donor and receiver should be same. If this arrow hits its mark, it will be a great relief for everyone as we will be able to save thousands of life and we will be finally able to end the pandemic. Although, all this depends on how big this success will be. Till then, we NEWSFLX ask you to maintain the social distancing and follow all the guidelines given to you by your respective governments.


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