Health during quarantine

At present, when we are suffering from the disaster of COVID-19, we need to be healthy. Here are a few tips.

Maintain your sleeping clock: sleep tight

Health during quarantine

Don’t change your sleeping clock just because you have nothing to do. People in lockdown are in control of mobile and the internet more than ever. Its been recorded that internet users have increased by many times during this amid lockdown. Social media or web series visitors are at a peak. You have to spend more time in the real world than in the virtual world. Remember, you won’t get another pair of eyes. And in addition, it will slow down your brain’s processor.

Go for physical training: all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

Health during quarantine

The most common thing that we avoided is workout. Remember giving yourself an excuse for avoiding exercises will do no good to you. There are many online channels where you can find different ways of home workouts. You can go for strength training to cardio and even for yoga. is providing different home workout options with one of the top physical trainer ‘Jeff Cavaliere’.

Eat healthy, drink a lot:

Health during quarantine

This is serious question that what are we eating? I am not asking you to eat just fruits and salad because you need a lot more than that to keep your body healthy. Fruits and salads are good but they are incomplete. You need to prepare a diet chart for yourselves which includes all the nutrition you need. Drink at least 4 liters of water daily. Drink sufficient water before going for workouts, during workout, and after workouts. The more you keep yourselves hydrated, the more immune you will be to any disease, not just COVID-19. Food contains the essentials with which you are made of.

Stock food which you can eat for a long time. But please don’t overstock the food as those in need may not get their essentials.

If you yourselves safe and healthy, it means you are a soldier against COVID-19. Follow the protocols and guidelines provided by your governments. Don’t be a reason for the spread. Maintain social distancing. Stay home, stay safe.


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