Protest in USA

We surely know that this time will be written on a black page with pain and misery of the human race. Despite all our nuclear and space power, the whole world is on their knees and seeing faces of their loved ones with a hope to see them alive through this pandemic.

The only effective way against the disease found to date is social distancing. Yet a developed country like the USA is failing to follow the same. Despite all the efforts from the government, people are avoiding social distancing and calling it ‘axing of their rights’. Even thousands of people have started campaigning against the government. Gatherings on roads with flags and hoardings saying that Covid-19 is a hoax and it has no ability to kill people. Despite the fact that death counting alone in the USA is 61,504. In a released video, a protester said that even if a vaccine is made available, he will not inject him with it, as if it will contain a transmitter that the government will use to follow its citizens.

It’s a time when the whole world is united to fight the virus except for some of the citizens of a great nation of the USA. The country which always thought that it leads the world is dragging all the efforts of the people worldwide. Billions of people are in complete lock-down and following guidelines from their respective governments. The world has seen its effect on Italy. We’ve seen how a nation with such high-class medical facilities failed to contain the virus. The citizens of the USA have not only become a laughing stock but a threat to the human race.

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